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Can Fake Accounts Save the Internet?

Reconsidering pseudonymity and what it means to “be yourself” online.

Bezos' Blue Origin Loses Challenge to NASA SpaceX Lunar Lander Contract

The Government Accountability Office said a $2.9 billion award to SpaceX to build the next lunar lander for astronauts would stand.

Social media platforms are failing to monitor anti-Semitism, two reports say.

Social media companies like Facebook and YouTube pledged to remove anti-Semitic content. New reports show they are falling short of that promise.

Best cash-back credit cards for August 2021 - CNET

Earn more rewards and credit every time you spend.

Russia blames software failure for 'unexpected' ISS module thruster firing - CNET

In a hair-raising event, the Nauka module pushed the International Space Station out of orientation for a time.

Twitter offers bug bounty to spot AI bias so it can fix its algorithms - CNET

The top prize is $3,500.

Activision Blizzard Employees Walk Out Over Sexism Complaints

“We love our jobs, but our jobs don’t love us back,” one worker told WIRED. “So we’re trying to change that.”

Toyota Whiffed on EVs. Now It’s Trying to Slow Their Rise

In a bid to protect its investments in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cells, the carmaker is lobbying against the transition to electric vehicles.

How Nothing Designed 'Ear 1s' to Beat Apple AirPods

The head of design at Nothing explains how their product could take on Apple's all-conquering wireless earbuds, at a fraction of the cost.

Audi A6 E-Tron will debut in production form in 2022 - Roadshow

The gorgeous sedan will be joined by a Q6 E-Tron crossover next year, too.

McLaren's 765LT Spider provides supercar thrills without a top - Roadshow

A twin-turbo V8 with no roof? Sounds great.

Twitter is testing a shopping feature - CNET

As other social networks double down on e-commerce, Twitter is throwing its hat in the ring.

Harvard professor begins new search for alien spaceships in our skies - CNET

The famous (or infamous, depending who you ask) scientist and E.T. believer Avi Loeb is out to capture some UAP sightings of his own.

The case for the Xbox Series S: Why Microsoft's entry-level console is worth your money - CNET

Commentary: Paired with a GamePass subscription, it's the easiest way to jump into next-gen gaming.

Simone Biles out of team finals at Tokyo Olympics, cites mental state - CNET

"I just felt like it would be a little bit better to take a backseat, work on my mindfulness."

GM sues Ford over BlueCruise hands-free driving aid name - Roadshow

GM and its Cruise subsidiary argued the name infringes on the automaker's Super Cruise trademark.

Microsoft Flight Simulator takes flight on Xbox Game Pass this week - CNET

Xbox Series X and Series S owners can fly by their homes in the ultrarealistic sim.

Black Widow digital and Blu-ray release date comes early. Thanks, Marvel - CNET

You'll be able to watch Marvel's slick spy thriller (plus deleted scenes) a month after it hit Disney Plus.

Cities Aren't the Wildlife 'Deserts' Scientists Once Feared

As more animals are spotted in urban areas, researchers recognize how cities can play a significant role in fostering biodiversity.

How to Upgrade Your Home Audio for Music or Movies

No one ever regrets investing in a better home sound system. Our advice and gear recommendations can help.

The 16 Best Weekend Deals on Headphones, Soundbars, and More

We found discounts on a MacBook Pro, an Instant Pot, and the newest Amazon Fire tablet.

Best gaming TV: Low input lag and high picture quality - CNET

Any delay between your controller and the game can kill you. These are the TVs that minimize lag and maximize picture quality.

9 great reads from CNET this week: Jeff Bezos, Lina Khan, Dune and more - CNET

What to make of billionaires in space, what to know about the new head of the FTC, what we spotted watching a bit of the movie Dune and much more.

2021 iPhone Photography Awards: Take a look at these stunning winning photos - CNET

With an iPhone 7 in hand, the winner of the 2021 iPhone Photography Award took this beautiful picture, reminding us you don't always need the latest Apple device or iPhone 13 to take quality photos.

New on Apple Arcade: Endless runner Jetpack Joyride now available - CNET

Check out the high-tech action game today.

Tesla price increases strike again, Model 3 and Model Y Long Range more expensive - Roadshow

The electric sedan and SUV now cost $1,000 more as Tesla keeps the price increases coming.

Best Buy Black Friday in July 2021 sale: Here are the best deals - CNET

Best Buy's Black Friday in July sale is on through this Sunday. Here are some of the top deals we've spotted.

Samsung's new foldables will arrive at Unpacked on Aug. 11 - CNET

The tech giant plans to host a virtual event at 7 a.m. PT, where it's expected to show off foldable phones that are more affordable.

Major websites taken down in widespread outage - CNET

Banks, retailers and popular video games were impacted, though most sites have now returned.

Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra pickup production slammed as chip shortage continues - Roadshow

There will be fewer shifts, and even plants going idle amid too few chips.

Want to Buy a PlayStation 5? Befriend a Bot.

In a pandemic-induced era of scarcity, a bit of automation can go a long way to obtaining the unobtainable.

How Disney is Chipping Away at Netflix's Dominance

New data shows Netflix, long the king of streaming, is losing attention as subscribers shift to competitors like Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.

China Breached Dozens of Pipeline Companies in Past Decade, U.S. Says

The disclosure about the breadth of state-sponsored cyberattacks was part of a warning to pipeline owners to increase the security of their systems to stave off future intrusions.

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Smart Home

Use your voice to control the lights! Summon the vacuum with your phone! Here’s everything you need to know, from Wi-Fi tips to security advice.

Who’s Winning the War Between Biden and Facebook? Fox News

Misinformation on the cable channel may be responsible for more vaccine hesitancy than the social network.

How China's Hacking Entered a Reckless New Phase

The country's hackers have gotten far more aggressive since 2015, when the Ministry of State Security largely took over the country’s cyberespionage.

The Pentagon Is Bolstering Its AI Systems—by Hacking Itself

A new “red team” will try to anticipate and thwart attacks on machine learning programs.

Why Not Use Self-Driving Cars as Supercomputers?

Autonomous vehicles use the equivalent of 200 laptops to get around. Some want to tap that computing power to decode viruses or mine bitcoin.

These Astonishing Minecraft Builds Were Years in the Making

Creative and dedicated, the master builders of the best-selling video game have forged some incredible structures.

Fear Street trilogy on Netflix: That ending and post-credits scene explained - CNET

Was Sarah Fier evil in the end? Let's dive into the Netflix horror story's biggest questions.

When the Game Is Over, Where Do Our Avatars Go?

The player characters from childhood video games were conceived in glory. Where are they now?

Give Every Remote Control a Tracker

A world where you never lose the remote ever again seems well within reach.

Vaccines for Kids, a Global Surge in Cases, and More News

Catch up on the most important updates from this week.

‘They’re Killing People’: Biden Denounces Social Media for Virus Disinformation

The president’s blunt statement capped weeks of frustration in the White House over the spread of vaccine disinformation on Facebook and other platforms.

Maureen Dowd Interviews Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

The Uber CEO dreams of “pushing a button and getting a piano delivered to your home in an hour and a half.” Uh … let’s start with dinner?

Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City brings its new adventures to Apple Arcade - CNET

One of the world's most relaxing video games offers new content for Apple Arcade subscribers.

Try to solve the riddle on these new 'Mystery Message' postage stamps - CNET

The colorful shapes on the USPS stamps spell out a secret message.

Anthony Bourdain documentary uses AI to re-create his voice after he died - CNET

And the move is making some people uneasy.

These Headphones Translate Foreign Languages on the Fly

The Ambassador app-connected earphones translate human speech into multiple tongues, enabling multilingual conversations.

As Travel Rebounds, Airlines Are Figuring It Out on the Fly

Business destinations are out, tourist spots are in. The old rules governing fares and flight schedules have been thrown out the window.