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The Experimental African Houses That Outsmart Malaria

A field test of custom-designed homes proves that when carbon dioxide can flow out, mosquitoes stay out too.

Black Scientists Find Community—and Plan for the Road Ahead

The Black in X network mobilized last summer to bring attention to racism in STEM. This week, they’re holding their first conference to talk about what’s next.

The Antitrust Case Against Facebook Is Very Much Alive

A judge dealt the Federal Trade Commission a setback this week in its quest to break the company up—but also provided a roadmap for how to proceed.

Alondra Nelson Wants to Make Science and Tech More Just

The deputy director of the White House science office plans to tackle algorithmic bias and start candid conversations about the past.

How to Get Windows 11’s Best New Features Right Now

A handful of free apps and downloads can bring some of the biggest perks of the new operating system to your Windows 10 PC—no waiting required.

SolarWinds Hackers Continue Assault With New Microsoft Breach

The company says the Nobelium hacking group compromised a support agent's computer and levied brute-force attacks against some of its customers.

Best airline credit card for July 2021 - CNET

Earn miles toward a free flight when flying with your preferred airline.

YouTube TV add-on brings 4K streaming, offline DVR downloads for $20 extra - CNET

The live TV streaming service also adds 5.1 surround sound and better sports searches to its basic $65 price.

Best workout subscription apps for 2021: Apple Fitness Plus, Peloton, Daily Burn and more - CNET

You can take (almost) every fitness class you could ever want right from your living room.

A $26 Billion Plan to Save the Houston Area From Rising Seas

Lawmakers are poised to decide the fate of a massive project to protect the Texas coast from surging seawater.

What Gaming Does to Your Brain—and How You Might Benefit

Here are some ways to think about addiction, improved neurological function, and your overall relationship with video games on a better, more intuitive level.

What the Pentagon’s New UFO Report Reveals About Humankind

The document says less about the search for life in the universe, and more about our current cultural climate and distrust of expertise.

The Internet Eats Up Less Energy Than You Might Think

New research by two leading scientists says some dire warnings of environmental damage from technology are overstated.

10 Million Data Requests: How a Times Team Tracked Covid

The project began 18 months ago as a simple concept: Count every known U.S. case at the time. When the virus grew exponentially, so did the efforts to document it.

John McAfee Dies in Spanish Prison

Mr. McAfee, who has not been associated with the company that bears his name for more than two decades, was fighting extradition to the United States after his arrest in Spain.

Virgin Galactic gets first official OK to fly passengers to edge of space - CNET

The world's first commercial spaceline is now open for business.

Loki's Miss Minutes says she could have sounded like Siri but went Southern instead - CNET

In a Q&A, actor Tara Strong talks about bringing the Time Variance Authority mascot to animated life.

Mazda confirms next Miata will boast electrification of some sort - Roadshow

It could be anything ranging from a mild hybrid to a more aggressive sort of electrification.

Andreessen Horowitz Goes Ham on Crypto with a New $2.2B Fund

After its wildly successful Coinbase exit, the VC firm signals its commitment to cryptocurrencies with a third fund.

The Untold Story Behind Lev's Voice in The Last of Us Part II

The game's creator and the teen who voiced the character talk to WIRED about bringing Lev to life and the importance of trans voices in video games.

How to Survive the Worst Tornado in US History

It blew an entire town to pieces, flipping trains and flattening banks. But there’s one place you might try to hide.

What if Shopping on Amazon Was Just … Better?

From reselling old purchases to shipping new ones more efficiently, Amazon’s shopping model needs improving. These two visionaries have some fresh ideas.

13 Best Coffee Maker Deals for Amazon Prime Day (2021)

Need a new French press, burr grinder, or scale? We've found discounts on WIRED-tested gadgets.

33 Prime Day Deals for Your Post-Vax Summer Adventures

Seeking some safe fun in the sun? Head outside with deals on speakers, luggage, and more—all still discounted for Prime Day.

Best Prime Day dash cam deals - Roadshow

Putting a camera on your dashboard can save you money in the event of an accident. Save a few more bucks with these deals.

Apple to add art, music, video and other career programs to its Apple Store education efforts - CNET

The tech giant is beginning its new Creative Studios initiative at its new Tower Theater store in Los Angeles, opening Thursday.

Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum are struggling. Here's why - CNET

China is cracking down on cryptocurrencies -- again.

The Inequality of the GoFundMe Economy

Online charity drives help some in need, but don’t expect them to fill the gaps in the social safety net.

Sundar Pichai Faces Internal Criticism at Google

Despite record profits, a number of them are worried that the company is suffering from both its size and leadership from its C.E.O., Sundar Pichai.

La tecnología se olvida de lo que necesita el 99 por ciento

Ahora la tecnología es masiva, sin embargo, las empresas tecnológicas siguen enfocándose en los nerds que quieren aparatos sofisticados.

How David Ellison Built Skydance Into Hollywood's Smart Bet

When the young Oracle heir entered the entertainment industry, no one expected much. Instead, he’s built the rarest of businesses — a thriving, all-audiences, independent studio.

Inside the ‘Deadly Serious’ World of E-Sports in South Korea

Each year, thousands of young South Koreans compete to join pro e-sports teams, but only a few make the cut​. An American company in Seoul wants to help more young gamers find jobs.

No, there is no evidence that the F.B.I. organized the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

The term “unindicted co-conspirators” generally refers to individuals for whom there is insufficient evidence to bring charges or who have cut a deal. “Legally, it wouldn’t make sense to call informants co-conspirators,” said one legal expert.

Games Don't Just Let You Escape. They Also Help You Remember

Video games aren't unique in the way they make us nostalgic, but those memories do seem to persist more than other forms of entertainment. Here's why.

The US Government Is Finally Moving at the Speed of Tech

Lina Khan’s ascendance to the top of the FTC, and a set of bipartisan antitrust proposals, shows just how much has changed in Washington—and how suddenly.

This Low-Tech Habit Kept Me Connected in the Lonely Pandemic

Going on my runs just wasn't the same in a locked-down city. It was time to phone a friend.

Mazda commits to fully electrified lineup by 2030 - Roadshow

Hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles will soon make up the company's entire product portfolio.

Amazon’s Open Secret

The persistence of bogus reviews raises big questions for Amazon.

A Matchmaker App to Connect Artists and Collectors

Stacie McCormick’s Fair Art Fair, which is to debut next month, hopes to bring unrepresented artists to the attention of buyers, without the high fees.

Amazon Is Brilliant. Why Not at H.R.?

Amazon relishes mastering the impossible. But it hasn’t put the same energy into managing its work force.

Google to Open Physical Store in New York

The store, on the ground floor of the company’s Manhattan headquarters, will feature Google gadgets and branded gear, such as T-shirts, hats and dog toys.

Buyers of Amazon Devices Are Guinea Pigs. That’s a Problem.

Amazon’s experimental approach to product design can hurt your wallet and the environment. Why does it need our help to figure out what it’s doing?

The Unwitting Covid Allegory in A Quiet Place Part II

Delayed since March 2020, the horror film ironically forces us to contend with our fragile humanity—and perhaps shows us where to go.

A Tentacle-Headed Robot Amuses Your Pets While You're Away

This app-controlled cat toy can livestream through its camera while you're away, but it's expensive.

Why Do I Like Waiting for My Smartphone Photos to 'Develop'?

WIRED’s spiritual advice columnist on apps, impatience, and the struggle to control time itself.

How Humans Think When They Think As Part of a Group

The fancy word for it is "entitativity," and it’s produced when people act and feel together in close proximity. We need it more, but we’re getting it less.

Lina Khan, a critic of Big Tech, wins confirmation to the F.T.C.

Ms. Khan first attracted notice as a critic of Amazon.

What Data About You Can the Government Get From Big Tech?

The revelations of a leak investigation started in the Trump administration are a reminder that Big Tech companies often hand over information about their users.

Best pillow top mattresses for 2021 - CNET

A pillow top mattress gives the support of an innerspring bed with the comfort of a thick, soft cushion. Here are the best ones you can buy.

Amazon's Echo Auto is now $15, its lowest price ever - Roadshow

Plus, get six free months of Amazon Prime Music Unlimited at no extra charge.