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This Countertop Composter Turns Table Scraps Into Plant Food

If your city doesn’t have a food-waste recycling program, consider Vitamix’s gadget for composting your leftovers.

The Foundations of AI Are Riddled With Errors

The labels attached to images used to train machine-vision systems are often wrong. That could mean bad decisions by self-driving cars and medical algorithms.

Women Street Photographers Captures the Beauty of Normalcy

The photography book, released during Women’s Futures Month and on the heels of a worldwide vaccine rollout, couldn’t come at a better time.

Hunting Ghost Particles Beneath the World’s Deepest Lake

A neutrino-spotting telescope beneath the frozen Lake Baikal in Russia is close to delivering scientific results after four decades of setbacks.

How Big Is Amazon, Really?

Market size matters, but even small changes have an outsize ripple effect.

The company behind N.B.A. Top Shot, a viral NFT trend, raises $305 million.

The Developers Keeping Hong Kong’s Spirit Alive Through Games

After coming under attack, some of the city’s pro-democracy protesters have taken the fight for freedom from the street to video games.

This AI Can Generate Convincing Text—and Anyone Can Use It

The makers of Eleuther hope it will be an open source alternative to GPT-3, the well-known language program from OpenAI.

Boston Dynamics’ Newest Robot Doesn’t Dance—It Works

Called Stretch, the machine may look wildly different than its famous cousins Spot and Atlas, but it shares a ton of their DNA.

What If Clippy Was Your Life Coach?

Immersive theater group Future Proof's new dating sim PSweet is set inside a Microsoft Office-esque world, and it's every bit as odd and amazing as you'd imagine.

12 of the Greatest Mini-Games We’ve Ever Played

In these games-within-a-game, you can take a break to go fishing, play a few hands of combat dice, or administer a Voight-Kampff test.

How to Keep Nearby Strangers from Sending You Files

Sharing is caring—except when it's an unwelcome photo from a rando on the subway. Here's how to lock down your phone and computer.

The Roaring '20s Post-Pandemic Summer Terrifies Me

If quarantine quashed my social anxiety, looming reemergence is sending it into overdrive. Coping means taking pressure off ourselves and everyone else.

The 16 Best Weekend Deals on Earbuds, an OLED TV, and More

Spruce up for spring with great discounts on headphones and home theater gear.

Google Aims to Be the Anti-Amazon of E-Commerce. It Has a Long Way to Go.

Google presents itself to independent sellers as cheaper and less restrictive. But it is not clear whether it can change people’s habits of going straight to Amazon.

The Agency at the Center of America’s Tech Fight With China

Washington lawmakers, lobbyists and other parties have been vying to influence how the Bureau of Industry and Security, under the Biden administration, will approach a technology relationship with China.

NFTs Are Neither Miracles nor Scams

People are buying digital items like a tweet and a meme for bonkers amounts of money. Let’s take a step back.

Lending Apps in India Shame Borrowers Who Can't Pay Money Back

With techniques honed in China, a new breed of company offers expensive loans to people devastated by the pandemic. If they can’t repay, family and friends hear all about it.

Groups Call for Ethical Guidelines on Location-Tracking Tech

The Locus Charter asks companies to commit to 10 principles, including minimizing data collection and actively seeking consent from users.

Away's Suitcases and Carry-On Bags Are on Sale Now

This marks the second time the company has slashed prices on its luggage.

Howard Scott Warshaw Pleads Not Guilty to Killing Video Games

Better known as HSW, the legendary Atari developer talks about the infamous E.T. game, his new book, and why Steven Spielberg still hasn’t called him back.

Charge your phone in the glow of a lightshow with this $24 RGB wireless charging pad - CNET

Save 20% on this Qi-certified 10-watt pad with nine color profiles.

Godzilla vs. Kong review: Exhausting, but delivers everything you expect - CNET

Want to see a giant gorilla bash a prehistoric sea monster? You've come to the right place.

Snowpiercer's Alison Wright is binging the 26 Zatoichi films - CNET

On CNET's I'm So Obsessed podcast, Wright discusses season 2 of Snowpiercer on TNT and the burden of starring in The Americans, one of the best TV shows of all time.

Even Mild Brain Injuries Raise the Risk of Dementia Years Later

A new study shows that concussions and other head traumas can have long-lasting effects on our health.

How Audio Pros ‘Upmix’ Vintage Tracks and Give Them New Life

Experts are using AI to pick apart classic recordings from the 50s and 60s, isolate the instruments, and stitch them back together in crisp, bold ways.

How to Ease Back Into Sports Without Hurting Yourself

A post-pandemic rush back onto the field could lead to a spike in injuries. Here's how to prevent them.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sells first tweet as an NFT for $2.9M - CNET

The first ever tweet from 15 years ago fetches a nice haul.

Investors distance themselves from the photo-sharing app Dispo after controversy.

Multiple investors said they would donate any profits from their investments to organizations focused on survivors of sexual assault after its co-founder was accused of playing a role in a sexual assault scandal.

Streaming Saved Music. Artists Hate It.

Many musicians aren’t sharing in streaming riches. Can digital music economics change to benefit everyone?

The Peculiar Ransomware Piggybacking Off of China’s Big Hack

DearCry is the first attack to use the same Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities, but its lack of sophistication lessens the threat.

Why Retro-Looking Games Get So Much Love

There’s a psychology behind our affection for retro gaming, and it’s only partly to do with nostalgia for the past.

Zappos Chief Executive is Looking For a Way Forward

Kedar Deshpande, who took over as C.E.O. in August, needs to lead the shoe seller out of the pandemic, while maintaining what his predecessor built.

Fossils in a Forgotten Ice Core Rewrite Greenland’s Icy Past

A secret Cold War project led to signs of ancient life—and a new warning about the future of the climate.

How Fantasy Soccer Keeps My Kids Connected and Happy

When soccer practice was practically grounded by the pandemic, my kids turned an analog pastime into a fresh way to keep up with friends around the world.

The 14 Best Weekend Deals on Robot Vacuums, Legos, and More

Distract yourself from thinking about your upcoming vaccine appointment (if you have one!) with discounts on Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and more.

How Food Waste Could Be Turned Into Climate-Friendly Jet Fuel

Humans dump an estimated 10 billion gallons of potential biofuel into landfills every year. Researchers found a way to capitalize on it.

Video Game Anxiety Is Real. Here's How to Manage It

Even games that used to be soothing can trigger negative feelings when you fail to level up, or when you feel like you've let down your team.

Facebook’s New Wearable Gestures Toward Computing’s Future

This week we discuss Facebook’s wrist-worn concept and what it says about the company’s plan for new human-computer interactions.

Bill Gates Is Upbeat on Climate, Capitalism, and Even Politics

The technologist and philanthropist goes beyond his recent book to talk about climate denial, vaccines, and David Foster Wallace.

City of Ghosts Is a Better Way to See LA—and Everywhere Else

Animator Elizabeth Ito’s series is a snuggly, funny fighter for telling the diverse stories that shape a city.

What's the Best Way to Play Retro Games?

Should you buy a virtual console, find old-school hardware from your childhood, or dip your toes into emulators? We can help.

You can now get the supercheap Wyze Cam v3 at Amazon - CNET

This under-$30 camera might be a $200 security-camera killer. And it's no longer sold exclusively at Wyze.

Snyder Cut Justice League review: Still a mess, now a million years long - CNET

Zack Snyder's long-imagined director's cut isn't worth the three-year wait or the four-hour slog.

WeWork documentary deftly chronicles the fall of the $47 billion startup - CNET

Director Jed Rothstein talks about his new Hulu doc and telling WeWork's story.

Covid Meant a Year Without the Flu. That’s Not All Good News

The 2019–20 flu season basically didn’t happen. Same for a couple other respiratory viruses. But that could make future seasons worse.

As Digital Currency’s Popularity Rises, So Do Privacy Fears

Backers see a way to reach the unbanked. But any system could give the government a record of every dollar you spend.

Fans Rally Around Blaseball, America’s Favorite Splort

You may not have heard of the Chicago Firefighters or the Breckenridge Jazz Hands. But on Discord, fans from around the world are building real city pride.

Pennsylvania Woman Accused of Using Deepfake Technology to Harass Cheerleaders

Three teenagers in a Bucks County cheerleading program were subjected to a campaign of harassment using altered videos and spoof phone numbers, police officials said.

The payments start-up Stripe surges to a $95 billion valuation.

The company has benefited in the pandemic as people turn to online shopping. It is now the most valuable start-up in the United States.