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How to Set Up a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Network as an Alternative to Broadband

Connecting to cell networks is an increasingly viable option—here’s how it works.

Warnings From the Queer History of Modern Internet Regulation

Section 230 faces countless reform efforts. But a look back reminds us that categorical content bans often come at the expense of marginalized groups.

Period Underwear Changed My Life—and I'm Never Going Back

Wearing underwear designed to absorb my menstrual flow—with no additional protection—has made my period more comfortable. It’s kinder to the planet too.

The 20 Best Weekend Deals If You Work From Home

Standing desks, computer monitors, and chairs are all on sale if you’re looking to kit out your new home office.

Alexa Skills That Are Actually Fun and Useful

Sure, you can add items to your shopping list, check the weather, and get random trivia. Now let's take your Echo to the next level.

How Blizzard Transforms Its Fans Into Employees

The game developer has a reputation for pulling some of its most avid fans into its ranks, but whether that relationship will persevere isn't so clear.

Production Volkswagen ID Buzz seemingly shown off in sketch form - Roadshow

The Microbus sketch was released alongside an announcement regarding VW's autonomy initiative for commercial vehicles.

Netflix's diversity on screen and behind camera is getting better -- but not for all - CNET

Netflix is committing $100 million to a fund to help funnel in more talent from underrepresented groups.

PS5 storage upgrades reportedly coming this summer - CNET

Just in time for the big games coming this year.

The 5 Best Apps to Get Live TV Without Cable

You don’t have to give up sports or talk shows when you cut the cord. These apps let you stream the same TV channels over the internet.

This Smart Panel Knows Your Electrical System's Cheat Code

Span's electrical panel uses a mobile app to control a home's circuits. It's an essential upgrade for those with a solar battery backup system.

'Lapsis' and the Rise of Gig-Economy Sci-Fi

Like 'Sorry to Bother You,' Noah Hutton’s feature debut uses genre to prod the callous excesses of capitalism

I Woke Up to Australia's Newsless News Feed

For now, Facebook has walked back its clumsy surprise ban on news content. But the social media giant has made clear: It can take news away again.

8 Great Chess Apps for Beginners and Grand Masters

Sharpen your chess skills—or learn the game from scratch—with these digital options.

Hackers Tied to Russia's GRU Targeted the US Grid for Years

A Sandworm-adjacent group has successfully breached US critical infrastructure a handful of times, according to new findings from the security firm Dragos.

2034, Part V: Sailing Into Darkness

“Somewhere in that black hole was the Chinese fleet. She would be expected to find and destroy it.”

Perseverance’s Eyes See a Different Mars

The Red Planet’s red looks different to an Earthling than it would to a Martian—or to a robot with hyperspectral cameras for eyes.

The Woman Bulldozing Video Games’ Toughest DRM

For Empress, cracking titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Immortals Fenyx Rising is more than a pastime. It's a mission.

She Beat Cancer at 10. Now She'll Join SpaceX's First Private Trip to Orbit.

St. Jude Hospital and Jared Isaacman, a billionaire entrepreneur, selected Hayley Arceneaux for a trip to orbit in a SpaceX capsule.

A City With Amazon at the Center: California’s Inland Empire

What happened to California’s Inland Empire when Amazon came to town.

Why an Animated Flying Cat With a Pop-Tart Body Sold for Almost $600,000

A fast-growing market for digital art, ephemera and media is marrying the world’s taste for collectibles with cutting-edge technology.

7 Apps to Make the Most of Your Streaming Music Subscription

Do more with your library—find lost tracks, organize your collections, discover new tunes.

The Best Loungewear for Working From Home in Comfort

No one has time to look professional anymore. Just toss on one of these hoodies, shirts, or sweatpants and bask in the snuggles.

A Trippy Visualization Charts the Internet's Growth

In 2003, Barrett Lyon created a map of the internet. In 2021, he did it again—and showed just how quickly it's expanded.

The 18 Best Weekend Deals on Masks, Headphones, and MacBooks

If you’re looking to stay warm or just need a bit of self-care, check out these discounts.

A Second AI Researcher Says She Was Fired by Google

Margaret Mitchell was the co-leader of a group investigating ethics in AI, alongside Timnit Gebru, who said she was fired in December.

The UK Is the Latest Country to Tighten the Screws on Uber

The country's highest court ruled that the 25 drivers who filed a lawsuit should be considered workers and entitled to minimum wage and vacations.

Hurt by Lockdowns, California’s Small Businesses Push to Recall Newsom

The pain for such enterprises been particularly acute in the state, leading some to back an effort to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Rupert Neve, the Father of Modern Studio Recording, Dies at 94

His equipment became the industry standard and influenced the sound of groups like Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, the Grateful Dead, Santana, Chicago and the Who.

Why We Want Tech Copycats to Fail

Big Tech likes to copy the hot new thing. But that’s not always good for the rest of us.

Who Wins the (Online) Corner Store?

A big question about the future of commerce is how local businesses will succeed online.

Facebook Blocks News in Australia, Diverging With Google on Proposed Law

With Australia moving to make the tech companies pay for news, Facebook took a hard line, while Google has struck deals to pay publishers.

Facebook restricts the sharing of news in Australia as Google says it will pay some publishers.

The decision is in response to a proposed law in the country that would require tech companies to pay publishers for linking to stories across their platforms.

The Pandemic Holds These Keys to a Better Education

First of all, shorten your lectures. Now is the time to rethink the way that schools should accommodate students and teachers from all backgrounds.

How to Watch NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Landing

NASA’s biggest and boldest rover attempts a momentous landing on February 18. Here’s how to watch—and why you should.

The LA Musician Who Designed a Microphone for Mars

How an obsession with space led to a partnership on the Perseverance rover—and the chance we could finally hear what our planetary neighbor sounds like.

If Work Is Going Remote, Why Is Big Tech Still Building?

Google, Facebook, and others promise more flexibility to work from home. But they’re charging ahead with plans for more offices.

2034, Part IV: The Spratly Islands Ambush

“In a thousand years America won’t be remembered as a country, but simply as a fleeting moment.”

New From Lego: AR Llamas That Dance to Katy Perry

The company's latest learning platform incorporates coding elements, augmented reality, and a selection of kid-friendly pop tunes.

A Case Against the Peeping Tom Theory of Privacy

Yes, it's creepy when companies can track your every move. But that's not the only problem.

How Covid Gums Up the Court System

Videofeeds sometimes fail, defense attorneys can’t confer with clients, and witnesses have a hard time reviewing documents.

Scientists Find Strange Critters Under a Half Mile of Ice

Researchers only drilled through an Antarctic ice shelf to sample sediment. Instead, they found animals that weren't supposed to be there.

Don’t Tell Einstein, but Black Holes Might Have ‘Hair’

The general theory of relativity states that black holes have only three observable properties; additional ones, or “hair,” do not exist. Or do they?

How to Level Up Your At-Home Recording Studio

Ready to upgrade your USB microphone or headset to something better? Here’s how to make sense of pro(ish) audio gear.

The Untold History of America’s Zero-Day Market

The lucrative business of dealing in code vulnerabilities is central to espionage and war planning, which is why brokers never spoke about it—until now.

Best smartwatches for 2021 - CNET

Fitbit, Apple, Samsung and more... Our top-rated smartwatches for every wrist and every budget.

iPhone 12: How 5G, lidar and more new tech will bring mobile gaming to the next level - CNET

The latest tech in Apple's iPhone 12 lineup brings new gaming competition to PCs and consoles.

Silicon Valley’s Safe Space

Slate Star Codex was a window into the psyche of many tech leaders building our collective future. Then it disappeared.

Hackers, Mason Jars, and the Science of DIY Shrooms

The history of home cultivation methods of Psilocybe is more connected to early internet culture than you'd think.

Carjackings Are Up—and Gig Workers Are Getting Victimized

Drivers, often unfamiliar with a neighborhood, leave cars running while dropping off food. Opportunistic thieves lie in wait.