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The Pheromonophone Lets You Reach Out and Smell Someone

The prankish device is the subject of a new audiobook that pokes serious fun at Silicon Valley’s culture of disruption. We spoke with its inventor.

Should Google’s Ad Market Be Regulated Like the Stock Market?

A leading antitrust scholar says yes. Congress may be listening.

How Cryptography Lets Down Marginalized Communities

Speaking at a prestigious crypto conference this month, Seny Kamara called on the field to recognize its blind spots—and fix them.

How to Protect the Data on Your Laptop

Your laptop is a treasure trove of personal and sensitive information—make sure it's as secure as it can be.

The Joy of ‘Analog’ Cooking on a Green Coleman Camp Stove

The best way to unplug from all your digital kitchen gadgetry is to fire up a pair of propane burners in the middle of nowhere.

Can Australia Force Google and Facebook to Pay for News?

A proposed law would require the tech giants to negotiate with publishers. Similar attempts in Europe have largely failed.

14 Best Weekend Deals: Video Games, Headphones, and More

Want 'Fall Guys'? It’s free if you have PlayStation Plus! We’ve also rounded up a ton of other sales, including discounts on robot vacuums and earbuds.

Can People Without Symptoms Get Tested for Covid? Who Knows

Top health officials have issued contradictory statements, and the CDC’s newest guidance limiting testing comes just as the Trump Administration invests in rapid tests.

Humans Take a Step Closer to ‘Flying Cars’

A Japanese company said it had completed a manned flight of its electrical vertical takeoff and landing machine. Experts say the technology needs work and that it will be expensive.

iMac Review (27-Inch, 2020): A Powerful and Reliable Mac

This Intel-powered all-in-one desktop computer is back and retuned for working from home.

To Stop the Eviction Tsunami, We Need Online Chats

Tenants who get dragged to court are often at a disadvantage. But a new system, known as online dispute resolution, gives them a better shot.

Elon Musk Is About to Show Off His Neuralink Brain Implant

Musk tweeted that his “V2” update will blow our minds. But how close is he to putting computer chips in them?

Big Oil Faded. Will Big Tech?

Not that long ago, it was American oil powers — not tech giants — that ruled the economy and influenced world events.

Intel Slips, and a High-Profile Supercomputer Is Delayed

The chip maker was selected for an Energy Department project meant to show American tech independence. But problems at Intel have thrown a wrench into the effort.

Three Charged With Leaking Movies as Part of Global Piracy Ring

U.S. officials said members of the Sparks Group, an elite piracy network, fraudulently obtained and distributed movies ahead of release dates.

Star Trek's Captain Kirk calls out Space Force in rank debate - CNET

William Shatner is worried Space Force will end up with colonels instead of captains in charge of spaceships.

Scientists build army of 1 million microrobots that can fit inside a hypodermic needle - CNET

Honey, I shrank the robot.

Galaxy Watch 3 review: A stunning smartwatch with a couple missing pieces - CNET

Samsung's new Galaxy Watch 3 is one of the first smartwatches to measure your blood oxygen levels on demand, but its ECG and blood-pressure features are still MIA.

How to Undo Gender Stereotypes in Math—With Math!

A mathematician uses her craft to unravel arguments about differences between men and women.

Amazon and FedEx Push to Put Delivery Robots on Your Sidewalk

The companies are backing bills in more than a dozen states that would legalize the devices. Some bills would block cities from regulating them at all.

MAGA TikTok Creators Stand by Trump—Despite a Potential Ban

Conservative influencers say they understand the president's moves to shut down the platform in the US, even if it costs them their audience.

What to Know Before Sending Your Kids Back to School Online

Whether your children are going back to class in person or remotely—or some combination—we have tips to help them make the most of the experience.

A Postal Slowdown Is Scary for Those Who Get Meds By Mail

Many seniors, veterans, and chronically ill people rely on the USPS for prescriptions and medical supplies. During Covid-19, they can’t just go to a drugstore.

The FDA Just OK'd Emergency Use of Plasma for Covid-19

Sick people can already get the treatment, and the data is inconclusive. But the president is super into it.

How to Rid Your Phone of Those Default Apps You Never Use

Even the best phones come with bloatware, preinstalled apps that take up precious storage space. Here's how to remove them and speed up your device.

Police Want Your Smart Speaker—Here's Why

Requests are rising from law enforcement for information on the devices, which can include internet queries, food orders, and overheard conversations.

What Causes Mascne (Face Mask Acne), and How to Treat It

Just in case you needed more to worry about, mask-related acne is also breaking out nationwide. Here's what's causing it and how to get it under control.

Mark Zuckerberg Questioned Under Oath in F.T.C. Antitrust Inquiry

It was the first known time that regulators directly interviewed a chief executive of one of the tech companies being scrutinized for potential antitrust violations.

Ann Syrdal, Who Helped Give Computers a Female Voice, Dies at 74

As a researcher at AT&T, she helped lay the groundwork for modern digital assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Former Uber Security Chief Charged With Concealing Hack of 57 Million Users

Joe Sullivan, who led Uber’s security team through the company’s most tumultuous period, was fired by the company’s newly installed chief executive in 2017.

Watch This Obscure Animated Classic. Never Recover

In the freaky-fantastic Hungarian film 'Son of the White Mare,' the hero breastfeeds for 14 years. Years. And that's only the beginning.

‘DiceKeys’ Creates a Master Password for Life With One Roll

A new kit leaves your cryptographic destiny up to 25 cubes in a plastic box.

A Rocket Scientist’s Love Algorithm Adds Up During Covid-19

On the brink of a breakup, a JPL engineer computed a relationship prediction formula. It eventually became a dating app—and its value is rising in the midst of a pandemic.

2021 Acura TLX vs. Audi A4, BMW 330i, Mercedes C300, Volvo S60: How these AWD sedans stack up - Roadshow

The battle of the premium all-wheel drive sedans heats up with the debut of Acura's updated TLX.

The $16 true wireless earbuds deal returns (and they're not bad) - CNET

Looking for supercheap true wireless earbuds? This set from Funcl is back down to its low price.

Ford Bronco, F-150 will guide you to the cheapest gas with SYNC 4 - Roadshow

Or if you have the Mustang Mach-E, the system will find the charging stations with the cheapest rates.

A New Study Suggests a Possible Disease Vector: Germy Dust

Since the pandemic’s beginning, scientists have argued over how respiratory viruses can spread. Now an experiment with guinea pigs and influenza is adding a new wrinkle.

How Financial Apps Get You to Spend More and Question Less

You should never invest without fully understanding the risks, but tax prep and stock trading services often obfuscate the things you really need to know.

Parenting in the Age of the Pandemic Pod

We talked to parents about how they’re juggling caring for their kids, schools “reopening,” and trying desperately to do their jobs.

Tech Workers Are Living the American Dream—in Canada

The short-sighted immigration policies of the US administration is driving top talent north of the border.

What French Feminism Can Teach Us About Karens

The latest viral female archetype is complicated. Dramatizing her entitlement, she's at once familiar to the philosophers and a new phenomenon entirely.

Kid-Friendly Tablets for Homework and Playtime

Depending on how schools—and your workplace—reopen, your sanity may depend on more screen time for your children. Choose the right screen.

A Radical New Model of the Brain Illuminates Its Wiring

Network neuroscience could revolutionize how we understand the brain—and  change our approach to neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Direct Action Everywhere Uses VR to Take Viewers Inside Factory Farms

In the first of a two-part Get WIRED podcast series, we look at the radical, virtual-reality-based tactics of animal-rights group Direct Action Everywhere.

A Week of Uncontrolled Sobbing at a Chinese Business Seminar

I went to a self-breakthrough workshop in Beijing to decipher the country’s tech culture. I left with a transformed vision of my Chinese American self.

A Landmark Math Proof Clears a Hurdle in the Top Erdős Conjecture

Two mathematicians have proved the first leg of the Hungarian scholar's all-time favorite problem about number patterns.

5 Best Password Managers of 2020: Features, Pricing, and Tips

Keep your logins under lock and key. We picked our favorites for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and web browsers.

9 Apps to Boost Your Phone's Security and Privacy

Android and iOS are getting better about protecting your data and device. But if you're looking for an extra line of defense, these can help.

The 15 Best Weekend Deals: Apple Accessories, Games, and More

Need a mug to keep coffee warm for more than 30 minutes? How about a videogame to help you relax? We've found plenty of discounts to help.

ATM Hackers Have Picked Up Some Clever New Tricks

Over the last few years, so-called jackpotting attacks have gotten increasingly sophisticated—while cash machines remain largely the same.