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Need a pulse oximeter? These models are in stock starting at $18 - CNET

Don't pay jacked-up prices to measure your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.
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A wave of plug-in glasses and goggles are on their way through 2021, including Oppo, Panasonic and Nreal.

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Arm helps chip allies like Qualcomm push speeds higher with its X1 processor customization plan.

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Christopher Nolan's latest movie will screen in Epic Games' online universe this summer.

Covid-19 Makes the Case for More Meatpacking Robots

The coronavirus has hit meat processing plants hard. But not in Denmark, where automation makes for safer slaughterhouses.

Today's Cartoon: Dream Office

A workplace without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries.

Inside the NSA’s Secret Tool for Mapping Your Social Network

Edward Snowden revealed the agency’s phone-record tracking program. But thanks to “precomputed contact chaining,” that database was much more powerful than anyone knew.